Powerboat Dives into Water at 70 mph During Race


Have you ever seen a boat dive completely into water? If not, you’re in for a treat. This boat is traveling at over 60 knots, which is about 70 mph, when it gets some air and then does a nose dive right into the water. You’ll see just how deep the boat goes and the resulting aftermath in this offshore speedboat racing accident. The boat obviously lost the race, but we get to find out that if a boat is going fast enough and has the right dimensions, it can actually dive!

Powerboat Dives into Water at 70 mph During Race!

The Dangers of Speedboat Racing

As you probably already know, speedboat racing can be very dangerous. Due to the high speeds these boats can travel, there is approximately one death every year in offshore powerboat racing. In one race in Key West back in 2011, there were actually 3 deaths in just one week. According to the author, this boat was going about 70 mph at the time, but some of these boats can get up close to 200 mph. With those speeds, it’s no wonder that deaths are frequent in this sport.


The Origins of Offshore Powerboat Racing

Offshore powerboat racing started back in 1903 in Great Britain. It would come to America a few years later in 1911. It’s popularity grew until World War II, and then it started becoming popular again in the 1950s. The modern era of offshore powerboat racing began in the ’60s with longer races like the Bahamas 500-mile race in addition to shorter races. Today’s events are much shorter, have a lot more spectators, and have many more categories of boats competing beyond the original 4 classes that were established.

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