Whether it’s successful or not, it’s always an interesting site to see a smaller truck attempt to pull a semi out of the mud. The Ford F-150 has it where it counts and gives an amazing effort to get a Kenworth dump truck out of some extremely muddy conditions at the dumping site. Despite its […]


Three monster trucks ought to be able win a tug of against just about anything right? Well, they actually have a tough task ahead of them here, because they’re going up against a Volvo dump truck that’s made to haul about 50,000 pounds. The monster trucks are all hooked up to straps facing one direction, […]


Do you have an unsightly tree stump on your property that you need to get rid of? You could get it out one of the conventional ways, but what’s the fun in that? Why not just hook a rope up to and pull it out with your Chevy like these guys did? It only takes […]


In the ultimate water sports contest, this takes us front and center as we watch an unusual tug of war between a 500 horsepower Kenworth tow truck and a 900 horsepower tugboat. The primary consideration is the difference between the pulling surfaces — water versus cement. The action unfolds with the drop of the flag […]


The Lindberg Brothers are talking about taking their dads toys out for a ride. The Lindberg Bros are from Sweden, but they have a top drag car team. They take the regular concept of a snowmobile and move it way onto the next level. This is no ordinary snow machine though; this is a supercharged […]


Check out this custom built 1950 Chevy mud truck. This is a beautiful truck to begin with, but the build job makes the body stand out and this was a perfect year for Chevy pickup trucks. The truck is named Sick 50, and it lives up to its name. The Scott Shocks offer plenty of […]


Changing your car tire with a jack is so 2008. With this new invention, the TITAN exhaust air jack, you won’t have to worry about putting the effort into setting up a car jack and then cranking it up and down. It’s pretty cool that this car jack uses air to lift up a car, […]


The key word is insane. That is just what this bike is; insanity at its best. Someone has taken a small block Chevy V8 engine and mounted it sideways onto a chopper frame.That trick alone is crazy. Add to that recipe a supercharger and the level of crazy rises by ten. That might be crazy, […]