Lucky Kid Has His Very Own Gas-Powered Mini Ski Boat

This is one lucky kid. He not only has a pool to swim around in, but also has a mini Lewis ski boat his dad built for him. The boat is equipped with a petrol engine and gets around pretty well, as you are about to see. It would be interesting to see what kind […]

Wheel Loader Operator Drops Huge Stone into Empty Dump Truck

Loading a dump truck with dirt or gravel is a pretty straightforward process. Loading a truck with huge stones, on the other hand, is much more difficult because it could end up damaging the dump truck. In this case, a Caterpillar wheel loader is dropping a huge stone over a dump truck rail from about […]

Powerboat Dives into Water at 70 mph During Race!

Have you ever seen a boat dive completely into water? If not, you’re in for a treat. This boat is traveling at over 60 knots, which is about 70 mph, when it gets some air and then does a nose dive right into the water. You’ll see just how deep the boat goes and the […]


School buses are designed to be safe in snowy conditions, but that doesn’t mean they don’t slide off the road from time to time. In this case, the school bus here slid into a ditch after the rear tires caught the edge of the road. They called the tow trucks in, but they were getting […]

Dad Builds His Son Working Scale Replica Leopard Tank and Willys Jeep

What’s better than having a working scale replica of a vehicle to drive around in? How about having two scale replicas? This lucky kid has both a Jeep and a Leopard 1A5 tank to play around with thanks to his dad. The Jeep is pretty cool and looks like it even has a winch, but […]


Want to know how to easily load and unload your quad? Just take a look at this helpful instructional. With this convenient method, you don’t even need to use a ramp. Whether you have an Arctic Cat, Honda, or other brand of quad, loading just requires a little bit of lifting, while unloading takes only […]


This determined tractor looks like it’s dead in the water at first glance. The river the driver is fording looks to be a good 6 feet deep, maybe more. Thick black smoke billows out of the exhaust pipe as the tractor tries to gain traction. You may be reminded of “The Little Engine that Could” story […]


Reach stackers seem to be more dangerous than traditional forklifts. After all, you could be lifting shipping containers that are over 40 feet in the air with them. Compare that to a forklift, which typically only carries standard-sized pallets at usually no more than 15 or 20 feet. Considering those numbers, you would think that […]