Volvo Dump Truck Battles 3 Monster Trucks at Once in Epic Tug of War!


Three monster trucks ought to be able win a tug of against just about anything right? Well, they actually have a tough task ahead of them here, because they’re going up against a Volvo dump truck that’s made to haul about 50,000 pounds. The monster trucks are all hooked up to straps facing one direction, and straps are connected to the dump truck facing the other direction. Sounds like a recipe for entertainment! Let’s take a look at what the contenders are bringing to the table to hopefully get a better prediction of the result.


The Monster Truck’s Construction and Specs

The monster truck, of course, has a big suspension and extremely large wheels. But it’s closer in its construction to a dune buggy than an actual truck, though it maintains the truck body. So you could think of it as a dune buggy on steroids with a truck body mounted on top. Monster trucks have supercharged engines that run on methanol and corn-based oil. Like the engines, their transmissions are also modified vehicle engines. These trucks have 4WD hydraulic steering as well. As you will see, monster trucks can vary in height. However, most monster trucks commonly have the following specs:

  • About 11 feet tall, 12 feet wide, and 20 feet long
  • Weighs between 9,000 and 12,000 pounds
  • Tires are typically 66 inches tall and 43 inches wide
  • Supercharged engine usually between 1,000 and 1,500 hp
  • Burns about 2.5 gallons of fuel per 150 feet
  • Motor is limited to 575 cubic inches

So times those specs roughly by 3 and you will have a conservative estimate of 27,000 pounds and 3,000 horsepower. You’ll also get a total length of roughly 60 feet.


The Volvo A25G Articulated Dump Truck’s Measurements

This Volvo dump truck can’t match the 3 monster trucks as far as horsepower is concerned; but unlike a monster truck, it’s specifically designed to haul a ton of weight. Several tons of weight, actually. It isn’t merely a dump truck either–it’s known as an articulated truck, which means it has a pivoting joint for sharper turning. That feature doesn’t really come into play here, but it’s interesting to note that Volvo invented the first articulated truck in 1966. The articulated truck seen is an A25G model, which has these measurements.

  • Gross weight of 102,515 pounds
  • Net Weight of 49,604 pounds
  • Just under 11 feet tall
  • Nearly 34 feet long
  • Tires are 51 inches tall

So what you have on the other end of this tug of war rope is a truck that still weighs about 20,000 pounds more than the 3 monster trucks. You’ll see that the dump truck’s tires aren’t quite as tall as those of the monster truck closest to it but are bigger than the tires of the other 2 monster trucks. Overall, the Volvo dump truck’s tires are more heavy duty as well.

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