Strong Winds Prove Too Much For Shipping Container Mover to Handle


Reach stackers seem to be more dangerous than traditional forklifts. After all, you could be lifting shipping containers that are over 40 feet in the air with them. Compare that to a forklift, which typically only carries standard-sized pallets at usually no more than 15 or 20 feet. Considering those numbers, you would think that reach stackers would tip over more frequently than forklifts given the same amount of use. While we’re not sure how often these things fall over, this video is further proof that reach stackers can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing and don’t follow the safety precautions.


What Do You know About Reach Stackers?

Also known as reach trucks, reach stackers are used to transport shipping containers over short distances. Many are capable of stacking containers up to 6 high and 4 deep, making them an incredibly useful tool for conserving space. This reach stacker is a Linde stacker. It’s difficult to tell the exact model, but it is definitely one of their heavy-duty stackers, likely a 100D. The “100” signifies that it’s a 10-tonne reach truck. The 100D has a high-torque engine combined with a hydrostatic transmission. It has a modular design and spacious, comfortable cab. As far as capabilities, it has…

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