Don’t have a ramp to load your boat up? No problem. Just take a cue from these guys and submerge your trailer in the water a few feat, then drive the boat right up to the hitch and hook it on! It’s effective but, as you’ll find out below, it’s not easy. Because of the […]


A snowmobile doing wheelies on water is something that never crossed my mind. The guys over at Stunt Freaks Team, however, make this look easy and a whole lot of fun. As the rider gets ready to start this amazing show, I wondered how many snowmobiles have sunk to a watery grave trying this? From […]

Lucky Kid Has His Very Own Gas-Powered Mini Ski Boat

This is one lucky kid. He not only has a pool to swim around in, but also has a mini Lewis ski boat his dad built for him. The boat is equipped with a petrol engine and gets around pretty well, as you are about to see. It would be interesting to see what kind […]

Powerboat Dives into Water at 70 mph During Race!

Have you ever seen a boat dive completely into water? If not, you’re in for a treat. This boat is traveling at over 60 knots, which is about 70 mph, when it gets some air and then does a nose dive right into the water. You’ll see just how deep the boat goes and the […]


In the ultimate water sports contest, this takes us front and center as we watch an unusual tug of war between a 500 horsepower Kenworth tow truck and a 900 horsepower tugboat. The primary consideration is the difference between the pulling surfaces — water versus cement. The action unfolds with the drop of the flag […]