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Don’t have a ramp to load your boat up? No problem. Just take a cue from these guys and submerge your trailer in the water a few feat, then drive the boat right up to the hitch and hook it on! It’s effective but, as you’ll find out below, it’s not easy. Because of the […]


A snowmobile doing wheelies on water is something that never crossed my mind. The guys over at Stunt Freaks Team, however, make this look easy and a whole lot of fun. As the rider gets ready to start this amazing show, I wondered how many snowmobiles have sunk to a watery grave trying this? From […]


At first your going to think the subject of this post is the red truck with the red boat, but no…. It’s actually the submerged white blob that appears to be a small whale. It turns out to be a brand new Chevrolet work truck complete with the boat trailer attached. As an aside to […]


An amazing tribute, though perhaps unintended, to one of a few military aircraft¬†that remain as viable today as it was when it was first introduced. This little remote controlled takes you through the paces as if it were the real deal. One of the first things I noticed was the sound. It sounds like a […]