Did you know that it’s possible to get an excavator off of a truck without the use of ramps or any other equipment? This shows you just how it’s done. You’ll notice that the process is fairly simple, but there’s also the potential for things to go wrong. It looks like the operator of this […]


Is the 811 Allis-Chalmers lawnmower more powerful than the 212 John Deere? We’re about to find out in this lawnmower pull-off between these two classic riding mowers–with a funny fail at the end of course. Though these mowers are roughly the same size, the Deere is a bit bulkier, but let’s break down each model […]


Here’s a good example of a situation where it pays to go slow and check things out first. For whatever reason, the guy driving the forklift forgets to check how much clearance he has when loading a pallet on a truck, and hilarity ensues. That’s what happens when you break one of the cardinal sins […]

'41 Chevy Mega Mud Truck vs. John Deere Tractor Tug of War

In addition to their distinctive green and yellow colors, John Deere tractors are famous for their ability to get the job done day in and day out. This John Deere tractor, though, is being used not for a typical job but for a little game of sport, as its being pitted against a Chevy mega […]

Wheel Loader Operator Drops Huge Stone into Empty Dump Truck

Loading a dump truck with dirt or gravel is a pretty straightforward process. Loading a truck with huge stones, on the other hand, is much more difficult because it could end up damaging the dump truck. In this case, a Caterpillar wheel loader is dropping a huge stone over a dump truck rail from about […]


This determined tractor looks like it’s dead in the water at first glance. The river the driver is fording looks to be a good 6 feet deep, maybe more. Thick black smoke billows out of the exhaust pipe as the tractor tries to gain traction. You may be reminded of “The Little Engine that Could” story […]


Reach stackers seem to be more dangerous than traditional forklifts. After all, you could be lifting shipping containers that are over 40 feet in the air with them. Compare that to a forklift, which typically only carries standard-sized pallets at usually no more than 15 or 20 feet. Considering those numbers, you would think that […]


Three monster trucks ought to be able win a tug of against just about anything right? Well, they actually have a tough task ahead of them here, because they’re going up against a Volvo dump truck that’s made to haul about 50,000 pounds. The monster trucks are all hooked up to straps facing one direction, […]