f250 Truck Saves School Bus From Snowy Ditch


School buses are designed to be safe in snowy conditions, but that doesn’t mean they don’t slide off the road from time to time. In this case, the school bus here slid into a ditch after the rear tires caught the edge of the road. They called the tow trucks in, but they were getting stuck just trying to get to the bus. Luckily, this guy brought his Ford F-250 to the rescue. Being much lighter than a tow truck, he was able to hook his truck up to the bus without getting stuck. You’ll see that this is a full-sized bus, though, so it’s going to be anything but easy for the F-250 to pull it out and get it back on the road.


A Full-Sized School Bus

There are smaller school buses out there that can carry 20 or 30 kids, but this one is one of the big boys. A bus this size can carry up to 70 kids (K-6 age), as it has anywhere from 22 to 24 seats that can fit up to 3 per seat. Let’s take a look at the dimensions of a typical school bus this size to give you a better idea of the difficult task this truck is up against.

  • Weighs roughly 30,000 pounds
  • Just under 10 feet tall
  • Approximately 8 feet wide
  • About 40 feet long

Interestingly, there are regulations on school bus size that set the maximum length at 40 feet and the maximum width at 8 feet, 6 inches.


How Safe Are School Buses?

As mentioned, school buses are equipped with a wide range of safety features and, like other vehicles, the features are improving as time goes on. To see how far this safety has come, you can take a look at what the newest Blue Bird Vision buses have to offer:

  • Safety cage with one-piece roof bow system
  • Fuel tank mounted between frame rails for extra security
  • Improved driver visibility
  • Meets Colorado Rack Test rollover specifications

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