Dodge Ram Diesel Truck Owner Attempts to Remove Tree with Some Four Wheel Drive Persuasion


It’s not the biggest tree you’ll find, but the tree that this guy is attempting to pull out of the ground is certainly a big challenge for his Dodge RAM truck to take on. The tree trunk looks to be about a foot or more wide, and you can see that the roots are thick as well and extend a few feet out from the base. The driver tries to use a tow rope on the first attempt, but it breaks within a matter of seconds. So now it’s time to bust out the chain and give it another try. His first effort with the chain isn’t successful either. Will he eventually be able to pull it out, or are we looking at another classic fail?

For Post_Tree Pull

The fact that this particular RAM truck has a single axle instead of a dually heightens the difficulty level. The tires, though, appear to have a good grip, which is critical when trying to uproot a tree. You can also see that the roots have been dug up, which helps as well. The truth is that it’s pretty much impossible to pull out even a medium-sized tree like this without digging up the roots first, and it’s still quite a feat to pull up the roots after doing that.


How Powerful Is This Dodge RAM?

Does this Dodge RAM have what it takes to uproot this tree that’s anything but small? The 5.9-liter Cummins diesel engine the truck is equipped with wasn’t the biggest made by Dodge at the time, but it does produce a whole lot of power. As likely a third-generation RAM truck, the engine would be capable of producing around 325 horsepower and an impressive 610 lb.-ft. of torque. In addition to the engine, here are some other key specs of this truck: 

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