A New Chevy Work Truck Rolls In Water at Lake Pleasant Boat Ramp


At first your going to think the subject of this post is the red truck with the red boat, but no…. It’s actually the submerged white blob that appears to be a small whale. It turns out to be a brand new Chevrolet work truck complete with the boat trailer attached. As an aside to what must have been a horrible day, this all occurred at Lake Pleasant, which for one unlucky guy was anything but pleasant.


The slope of the grade is significant, and that probably what caused the truck to roll. Many people are used to allowing the transmission to hold the vehicle in place, but on such a steep hill that is not enough staying power. You have to apply the Emergency Brake. Gravity is a powerful force. In this case, gravity won out over common sense. Another contributing factor might have been the area where the lake is situated. If the road in is long and steep, the trucks brakes might have been weakened by heat stress and not able to fully hold the vehicle.


​The Results

On some lakes, you note only get a wet truck you get a ticket and maybe fined for environmental damage. Gas floats, and it wants to escape from the tank. That may only be the beginning of your problems. If the vehicle is a few years old, it may be totaled like the Tahoe above. That can leave the owner still paying for a vehicle that is under-insured.

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