17 Yr Old Drag Racing Phenom Shows Off Her 1300hp Camaro


Alex Taylor takes you on a tour of her 1960’s Chevrolet Camaro at Drag Week. Back in 2013, she debuted the car in a more stock condition. This year, she is 17, and tearing up the track. They changed the engine to add in a 6L block from an LSX. To that, they added twin turbochargers and NOS. Estimated horsepower crests 1,300, though the vehicle has not been Dyno tested.


The Drag Racing Camaro’s Performance and Stats:

In the first heat, Alex takes the car to the quarter mile in 9.459 seconds with a top speed of 147.76 MPH. In the second heat, she does a little better and tops the speed at 147.81, but the time inches up to 9.57.72 probably due to the slow start. In the third heat, she rips it out with a time of 9.06 seconds and a top speed of 154.58. Did I mention she is 17 years old? Did I mention that she is the youngest driver at Drag Week?


The Car: 1300 HP Daily Driver

A total daily driver. She drives it every day to school, rain or shine.  Those performance numbers above include comfort gadgets like an Air Conditioner. What nice about this car is that it appears pretty much stock. There are a few clues like the hood scoop, wide rear tires, and if you look closely the roll bars provide a hint of power.

A car is just a machine until you put a driver into it. What was awesome about this driver?

  • 17 Years Old
  • Second year at Drag Week
  • Understands the changes to the car
  • Understands how to drive it
  • Is responsible for being licensed to handle a car that tops 150 MPH.
  • Beautiful Attitude without the whine of entitlement.
  • Alex and that Camaro seem to be made from the same grade material.

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