The World’s Fastest Remote Controlled Jet Gets Halfway to the Sound Barrier at 440 Mph!


Apparently of a German RC flyer who takes this unique jet to more than half of the speed of sound. 709 km/h or 440 mph.That is quite an amazing feat and somewhat mind blowing. The mid-sized jet is pink on the top and black on the bottom. It is a thin design without landing gear. It is constructed to be light yet stable. The engine is a Behotec JB 180 Turbine Gold Edition.


The Color Scheme:

With a top flying speed of 440 mph, the bright pink upper color is needed to find this aerial demon in the sky. The jet has the capability of moving over large spans of the sky in a very short time. The bright color is needed to track the jet through its aerials. The black underside of the jet produces two effects. First, it provides a dramatic and stunning visual, especially against those gray clouds. Secondly, the black belly of the jet brings a sense of realism to the jet.


Power and Engine:

Notice the amazing power of the jet at take off. The raw thrust from the Behotec JB 180 Turbine Gold Edition engine takes the jet from the surface to the sky in just 30-40 feet. While that impressive, the jet then begins a nearly 100 percent vertical climb into the lower stratosphere. In no time, this jet that is roughly three feet in length is nothing more than a small dot in the sky. So high does it climb that the bright pink color is lost to the human eye.

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