Gigantic R/C Jet Turbine Powered SR-71 Blackbird Showing Off it’s Ultra Fast Flying Skills


An amazing tribute, though perhaps unintended, to one of a few military aircraft that remain as viable today as it was when it was first introduced. This little remote controlled takes you through the paces as if it were the real deal. One of the first things I noticed was the sound. It sounds like a real  jet. The second thing I noticed was the red fire extinguisher just before the jet created a small hurricane while warming up and testing its systems.


The SR-71 Blackbird Full Air Force Version

To really understand this jet, which first appeared in the U.S Air Force in 1964, you have to understand that as a recon jet this was a tool that was way ahead of its time. It was also ahead of it’s time in terms of manufacturing. The 1967 fleet of Blackbirds totaled just 31 jets. That number might seem shockingly low, but not much available could touch them. They were literally the fastest things on earth.


To develop this jet, new barriers to speed and environment had to be broken. The jet could travel at Mach 3.2 which is not just about dealing with the sound barrier, but also the heat barrier. Friction is wicked at that speed. The outside shell of the jet reached temperatures of over 1050 degrees Fahrenheit. That translates to 838.7 Kelvin. Lava from a volcano as it is erupting reaches a Fahrenheit temperature of 1200-2000 degrees. So we are talking nearly a hull temperature equivalent of lava. The black coloring on the jet is part of its ability to handle all of that heat. In later generations the black coloring also helped to deal with absorbing radar.

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